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Tour Antigua Guatemala

Fotografia: Saving Moments

How does a day in one of the most beautiful colonial cities in the world sound?

Declared a world heritage site by UNESCO, #Antigua #Guatemala is protected by the Guatemalan government creating a city that connects with a modern and globalized world without losing its charm and traditional feeling.

Together with our friends from Guat2do we had the opportunity to visit some of the key places in the city.

El convento:

Our first stop was the #ElCovento hotel, located a few minutes from the park, it is perfect for a trip to Antigua, its architecture will transport you to the past while still enjoying the services and comforts of modernity.

#Guat2do offers many options to enjoy the city and its surroundings, walking through the streets you can enjoy the weather, some of the markets near main street, the people and appreciate the scale of some of the most important monuments in the urban area.

In #Antigua to cover ground there is nothing better than a bike 🛵 on this tour we went to Cerro la Cruz, which has been remodeled by the local municipality, we also had a incredible meal at a nice family restaurant in one of the surrounding towns, our tour finish at a unique spot where you can see the town stretching across the mountains.


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